Hi, I’m Juan Fernando Rivera, informatic guy and fan of old video games.

What to expect

In this blog we’ll talk about videogames of consoles, favouring those of the so-called Fourth Generation or older. In the case of handhelds we can go even to the Fifth. You can read about them in this link, where it mentions which consoles belong to which so-called generation.

Maybe many of you don’t know, but during the 80s, the home computers were famous for gaming and being house of very popular games, in this blog we’ll talk about the Golden Age of 8bit Home Computer, until those ones created by 1986. You can read about them in this other link.

There will be exceptions. 🙂

I’ll try to add entries with games for sports as they are happening. For example, during Winter Olympic Games, we’ll talk about games with Winter Sports. When starts (or ends) the season of baseball either in USA or Mexico, we’ll talk about baseball games and so on.

There will be exceptions. 🙂

The “Why”

Personally, I think there are many, and great, sources in internet about retro video gaming. Also, there are a lot for current video games, but my particular interest are in the videogames I played as a kid or teenager, of sports. This is what I want to write in this blog. If you’re interested in the theme, wellcome, maybe you can relive good memories in what videogames are about.

The emulation allow us to enjoy again these games. In this blog You WON’T find links to the games per se, but with time I’ll add entries on how to use emulators in your computer or other devices.

Favourite Teams

If you are interested, the teams I root for, in many leagues are:

  • MLB Baseball: Oakland Athletics
  • Mexican Basbeall: Cordoba Coffee Dealers (when available), Monterrey Sultans
  • Football (Soccer in US): Real Madrid
  • NBA Basketball: Chicago Bulls
  • Mexican Basketball: Fuerza Regia (Monterrey based team)
  • NFL (American) Football: Denver Broncos, Pittsburgh Steelers
  • Mexican (American) Football: Monterrey Melters

I hope you enjoy the memories these games bring to you.