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Winter Games


Within the Winter Olympic Games Fever of PyeongChang, South Korea, I consider it’s time to emulate the athletic prowess in retro videogames. For that purpose I have chosen a popular videogame during the first half of the 80s, proving being quite popular. In particular the version for Commodore 64 (which also was the original release) which I used to play at the time and I want to share with you my experiencies with it.


Pantalla de Título

Company: Epyx
Year: 1985
Platform: Commodore 64 NES
Controller: Joystick with one button, or computer keyboard.


Like many other games of the Epyx company with the word “* Games” in its title, which I hope to write about some of them in other entries, the game consist of many events based on Winter Olympic Games. So, one to eight players can compete taking turns (sans one event).

Every contestant must enter a name to compete (up until 10 characters) and can choose competing representing one of 17 nations or the company Epyx, which in the world of its videogames is powerful enough to be a nation, or in a less cynical focus, endorse athletes who can not represent their own countries.


The 17 countries which the player can choose from are:

It’s awesome to hear national anthems for each country either while choosing a country. Or when a virtual athlete wins gold in any event. This way the new generations have the chance to hear the epic anthem of the now extinct Soviet Union.

Apparently, in this world, Mexico and Brazil have enough skill to compete in meaningful manner in Winter Olympic Games, better than other summerful nations like Sweden or Finland.

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